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Shopping for Folding Tables Christchurch

Nathan Bullmore - Tuesday, January 16, 2018

At present we make use of folding tables Christchurch both in homes as well as workplaces. Apart from being an exquisite piece of furniture, it can also serve us in various ways. It is extremely simple to maintain these tables, and they are also portable and easy to store when we are not using them. As a matter of fact, these are available at present in a wide array of shapes and designs which have become immensely popular across the world. They are also obtainable at various prices so that almost anyone can afford them. You can also shop for these tables online where the price will be comparatively cheaper than the usual market price. Moreover, any individual will also be able to make comparisons between different models online since they will be provided with lots of information regarding what to consider when purchasing them. There is likewise no need to visit the furniture shop in person, and instead do the shopping from the comfort of your residence. 

These days, these folding tables Christchurch are quite convenient and flexible to use. In case you go for any plastic or polythene folding table, it will be a really sensible choice since these tables happen to be extremely lightweight and simple to carry around. Moreover, both these types of tables are quite resilient as well as resistant to inclement weather or any type of harsh element. Consequently, it is possible to use these tables both outdoors as well as indoors. The majority of these folding tables Christchurch come with an innovative safety locking system which helps to make them quite sturdy and robust for regular usage.

One more beneficial aspect of the folding tables Christchurch is the fact that most of these happen to be water resistant. This implies that you will not find it difficult to clean and maintain them on a regular basis. You simply need to use a piece of damp cloth to wipe them for proper maintenance. On top of this, even if there is no tablecloth, these tables are not going to lose their attraction.
Below, we have mentioned some key benefits of using folding tables Christchurch:

1. Home use

Folding tables are deemed to be a popular piece of furniture over the years, and almost every household in Christchurch, New Zealand, owns at least one of them. One plus point about these tables is that they help to enhance the surface area while someone is performing some task. For instance, you will find them to be extremely useful while performing any do-it-yourself repair or even tasks like sewing within your residence.

2. Office use

Besides using them in your residence, you will also find these tables to be extremely useful for your workplace. Apart from allowing the employees to work in temporary groups, they will also enable the manager to place them in the same location as well. They can be employed while giving an important lecture on a particular topic or even while showing statistics. Folding tables Christchurch can prove to be an appropriate assistant to any workplace where bigger desks are not appropriate and there is a possibility for the space requirements to vary quickly.

3. Exhibitions

Folding tables Christchurch can likewise be used in corporate events for example exhibitions and conferences. In fact, you can easily place tables with folding legs on top of one another such that they can be easily transported to exhibitions and other such events. Moreover, it is also feasible to assemble them quickly thanks to their resilient nature in general. You can use them for various purposes from having conferences with your customers or even for displaying your products.

4. Barbecues and parties

Another place where these folding tables Christchurch can be used happens to be the barbecues and garden parties. You can easily pick them up and also transport them without any difficulty, and they can also be left outside while it is pouring down in Christchurch. Above all, the great thing about these tables is that you can easily clean them and get rid of the leftovers after the completion of the party.

5. Marriage ceremonies

A wedding is incomplete without a proper reception, and nothing is better to hold these events than the gardens and marquees. In fact, they prove to be much more affordable as compared to an inside location. You can easily toss a piece of colorful cloth over these tables to make them more attractive and enticing.

In the following paragraphs, we will throw some light on the important aspects that should be considered when purchasing folding tables Christchurch.

1. Size and shape

It is desirable for these tables to be rather long and rectangular in shape in case they are used in conferences and other official purposes. On the other hand, you should go for one with a long and narrow size while going for a picnic or any other social gathering for accommodating a large number of guests. Furthermore, a small square table is going to be appropriate while you are enjoying any indoor game.

2. Material

These days, you’ll come across a wide variety of materials which are used for manufacturing these folding tables Christchurch including plastic, wood, metal, rustproof aluminium, and tubular steel. Make it a point to select the material depending on your personal choice, requirement, as well as financial budget. Individuals who are going for an inexpensive table should try to grab one which is made of plastic rather than wood since it is a bit costly.

3. Usage

This particular aspect will play an important role in figuring out whether you want to use an indoor table or an outdoor one. It will be sensible to purchase tables with plastic tops in case you want to use them either indoor or outdoor. On the other hand, tables having wooden tops are more useful for indoor usage.

4. Weight

It is important to ensure that you are comfortable with the table’s weight prior to purchasing it. While some sturdier tables might weigh a bit more, you will likewise come across robust tables out there which are surprisingly lighter in weight.

5. Storage

It will be prudent to ensure that you’re able to store your table easily when you’re not using it. Many folding tables Christchurch require extra storage space while others can be accommodated in small areas. Consequently, take this essential factor into consideration before shopping for the best folding table in Christchurch.
Folding Tables Christchurch

Customer Buys Architectural Chair - Very Satisfied

Nathan Bullmore - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dear Capital Commercial Furniture,

I have to thank you for my recent purchase of your high-lift chair. I work from my computer, at home, in connection with the animation industry. And I have already found the architectural chair an asset in this work. More so, however, and the reason for my contacting you, now: is my associated reason for buying an architectural chair.

Some time ago, I was inflicted with osteoarthritis of the hip. And, over time, I found that normal seating heights aggravated this condition. Finally, it got to the point where I could no longer sit in an average sized chair, without hours of pain afterwards: because of the osteoarthritis in my hip. This condition is noted in arthritis advertisements which liken the condition to broken glass grating between the joints. I can laugh about it, now, but the comparison is not dissimilar.

Well, I had elevated my seating at home, to accommodate this situation, and was making-do with my own alterations. Then I noticed that medical centres and hospitals did acknowledge the condition with a higher than average chair in certain waiting rooms. (Therefore, the number of people afflicted may be a small but noticeable proportion, and not as rare as I thought.)

You Can view our Architectural Chair Range Here.

I contacted Arthritis New Zealand and inquired about such chairs, on the market. But I was disappointed in their reply, as it seemed that there was nothing comparable available – unless I had a manufacturer produce a chair of my own design. This seems to be what the medical profession has done. Instead, I put my search engines to use and eventually found architectural chairs. Of which, your Evo chair was easily the most preferred option.

After only two days use, I cannot praise the results enough. As far as I am concerned, architectural chairs are the answer to any seating difficulties for arthritis sufferers. I have contacted Arthritis New Zealand, and told them of this discovery, and have mentioned Capital Commercial Furniture, and yourself, in glowing terms. Arthritis New Zealand has an E-store on their website, which offers relevant products, for arthritis sufferers, through various suppliers. And it is my hope that architectural chairs will also be among those other advertised products.

As I have indicated, my condition is totally neutralized by employing the Evo chair. Standing up from a chair no longer results in painful jolts. And the comfortable seat is adjustable for any person’s needs, without the need for producing individual chairs. Not to mention the reasonable cost, and short time involved, in procuring your own product. This is an outstanding improvement. Personally, I thank you. And I hope that this resource may be more well known to others in the same position as myself. If your own company can fulfil this possible need, then I will be pleased to have been involved.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Taylor.

Office Furniture Auckland NZ - Buy Direct Save Money

Furniture Expert - Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The arrangement and design of your office space is something that is very essential especially when ensuring on the productivity of the job. The office furniture is also very significant since it gives the employees a good working area with all the necessary facilities. In such an office, even the outcome of the business is normally good simply because the environment is conducive for working. If you want an optimal amount of efficiency from your employees, you may have to consider to their working environment. You can only do so by getting the office furniture from the best companies such as Capital Commercial Furniture particularly if you are from Auckland in New Zealand. The following are some of the things you shall need to take note of when you are looking to improve your office furniture Auckland

Office Furniture Auckland NZ Click here to view our full range.

If the chairs and desks don’t seem to be comfortable then you should change them and get the modern ones from our company. If your employees have to go up and down in search of drinking water, you may consider investing in the water dispensers which may be placed in the accessible locations with the help of the company. This is because the more your workers shall be comfortable in the office, then the more efficient they shall be. Good office furniture Auckland may also improve the morale of the employees. People tend to work harder if they really feel that they are cared for. 

Another great thing you shall need to consider about is the impression that your office furniture has to the other people. When someone visits a certain office, just by the look of the furniture he or she may tell the way the office functions. If a visitor comes in and he or she can only see plain or dilapidated as well as bleak office furniture, then that person will not be impressed by that office. This may mean that the person may opt to go elsewhere and get the services that you would have provided him or her with. It is therefore of great importance you get the modern office furniture from the company because no business person would like to lose customers. Generally, if you would like to always keep your clients impressed, then you should ensure that the furniture in the office is of high quality and well maintained. 

You may also enhance your workstation by using the office products which show your quirky side. You can use the notepads that have quotes which you love most. It is also possible to have a notebook, planner, calendar, mouse pad, mugs, journal and your own notepads printed. You should also go for the office equipment that may do multitasking to help you save much time as well as space. You can also opt to have a corkboard where you can put your memos, notes and other essential documents and reminders. 

In conclusion, office furniture is very important in any office. You should only ensure that you have the right company like the Capital Commercial Furniture to supply you with all the necessary products. You may just try this company and surely it will work out fine for you.

Reception Furniture NZ: Where to Get the Best Deals

Nathan Bullmore - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Your reception furniture can be enough to state how professional you are. One of the things that clients will notice when they visit your office is the level of hospitality that you give them. Your reception furniture can make them feel relaxed, and can set the tone for business negotiations. The kind of furniture you have in your reception area can also help you create the proper mindset for business. If you're looking for ways to improve the look of your reception area, then you should consult a supplier who knows how to give a business space the professional tone it needs. You can contact Capital Commercial Furniture NZ for this service.

To View Reception Furniture NZ Click Here.

The company specialises in reception furniture and has been providing great services and wonderful solutions to customers over the past years. You'll find a wide range of reception furniture NZ to choose from. Some of the cheap and popular items you'll find will include Reception Office Chairs, Ergonomic Office Chairs that come in all sizes, colours and styles. Other reception chairs that can work wonderfully for you will include speciality
seating chairs, mesh chairs, and high office chairs. These chairs are built with adjustable devices which allow you to pull, or tilt them to the most comfortable position. You can also choose from the wide range of executive office chairs such as the Concorde Executive Office Chair, the Moda Executive Chair, the Bentley Executive Chair, and many others. Depending on your line of business and your clientele, you'll find the right reception furniture at Capital Commercial Furniture NZ.

Reception Furniture NZ

Other products to consider for your office will include tables for reception areas, boardroom meeting chairs, reception counters, computer desks & trolleys, guest waiting room chairs and others. The office tables will include the elegant Tawa Range and the Flip Folding Table. Each of these items are customized to suit the different business needs and offer maximum comfort to users. The company also offers office screens, and filing and storage cabinets. You can contact Capital Commercial Furniture for anything related to reception furniture NZ. If you do not have a clear idea of what you want, the experts will help you assess your needs and pick the best items for your guests. The staff is well-trained, professional, and very eager to offer exceptional customer service. With the right reception products, you can transform your office into a place that speaks of hospitality and business, making your customers and employees feel at home while doing business for, or with you.

Reception Counter furniture In New Zealand

Nathan Bullmore - Monday, July 29, 2013

Reception Counter NZCapital commercial furniture is the first choice company in New Zealand offering a wide range of furniture and accessories. They include chairs, office desks, reception counters and desks. The company can freight NZ - wide and ensures that its clients receive a fast and efficient service at affordable prices. It is a company of repute for its value and quality throughout New Zealand. There are categories of reception counters on offer in this company. 
These product ranges are: Curve reception range, Stevador reception range, Kubit reception range & Ergo reception range also other custom models.

Curve Reception Range:

There are two types of this furniture available. The right and the left reception counters. They are both 2200 series.
These products are available in different colours that suit a client's office theme. Capital commercial furniture has an array of colours where customers can choose different colours. They have corrugated fronts with Bullnose edge counter tops. They come with a five year guarantee. The dimensions for each unit are 2200W by 800D by 1100H. Colour of the office influences the choice of furniture. Colours having the same theme make an office neat and attractive.

Techno Reception Range:

These are sub categorized into two groups
2400 Reception Counter
With dimensions at 2400L by 900D by 1100W, this product boasts of a lite cherry worktop and dark oak finishing. It is right ended furniture with a melteca finish. Its edges are finished using polyvinyl chloride. It can also be upgraded to suit a left end finish, techno mobile, right or left hand return. It can come with different colours. Being a non stock item, its delivery time can take from 12-15 working days from the day of order.
3000 Reception Counter
This series is similar to the 2400 series. The difference is in its dimensions. At 3000L by 900D by 1100H and a warranty of five years, this furniture also has a melteca finish. Finishing colours and designs can be customised to meet the customers' expectations. It is also a non stock item that requires 12-15 days to deliver.

Stevador Reception Range

These are beautifully designed range of reception counters. It is a range that includes a double pedestal, reception unit and a modesty panel. Products within this range are 2200 series and 2400 Series. One major factor that influences the choice of the Stevador range of reception counters is the size. Big furniture leaves little or no space for movement. Stevador range offers professionalism in providing ample working space. These ranges are available in black melteca worktop finish. Customers can choose from a variety of colours for the reception tops. Standard colours for the worktop are Spring maple, Dark oak, Lite cherry, Golden beech, Midnight blue, black and designer white. The units are combined with a PVC edge and a black melteca base. The units come with a warranty of five years. Note that the mobile drawer unit has a separate price tag from the main unit.

With the above information one can decide which reception counter to purchase.

Room Dividers NZ from Capital Commercial Furniture

Nathan Bullmore - Sunday, July 28, 2013

Room Dividers NZAs your business grows, you may find yourself in need of more space or just a viable way to maximize the space you already have. Room dividers are a great solution for your growing company. They provide privacy and solitude to parties on either side. An empty, office suite can become an office full of cubicles when you install a few room dividers. These partitions are far more cost effective than having a bunch of walls built and if you lease your office, remodelling is probably not an option. 

Room dividers NZ are temporary so you can adjust for space as you hire more employees. Room dividers can be taken down and reorganized as needed as opposed to traditional walls which are pretty much permanent. Room dividers can turn one large room into as many cubicles as you need to accommodate your staff. So don't waste your precious capital building walls or leasing a new office when you could simply invest in a few room dividers. From government to schools to hospitals, if you need to separate sections of your office into cubicles, invest in room dividers and your wallet will thank you. 

There may be no better supplier of room dividers NZ than Capital Commercial Furniture. Established fifteen years ago, this office supply company offers room dividers in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Their founder, Nathan Bullmore, remains today as the managing director. 

Capital Commercial Furniture's Kubit wall partitions feature a light-weight extruded aluminium frame and they easily slide together and lock into position automatically. Kubit partitions can be upholstered in any fabric so customizing your office has never been easier. Click this link today and find out how Kubit partitions can help your business as it grows from a small operation into a huge conglomerate.

Large Board Room Table For Sale New Zealand

Nathan Bullmore - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Large Board Room Table For Sale New ZealandThe office furniture you choose to fit out your boardroom and other parts of your office influences the way your staff works in more ways than you may think. Take the boardroom table as an example; it can serve different purposes and that's why you should choose one that stands up to the task.

Every office needs a space (or multiple spaces) to be used for internal and external meetings that include collaborative brainstorming and decision making. The board room table you choose for this space can influence the way meetings proceed and therefore require careful consideration.

If you are looking for a large board room table for sale New Zealand, then Capital Commercial Furniture is the place to be. With different types, sizes and shapes of boardroom tables to choose from, finding the ideal boardroom table has never been easier. Some of the product ranges you have to choose from include the Ergoplan Boardroom range, Classique Boardroom range, the Kubit range, B50 Boardroom table range, the Jigsaw range, Rossini Veneer range and the Flip folding table (dimensions: 1800 x 850).

Think of any scenario such as a tense business meeting, congratulatory or celebratory meeting and identify the range of board room table that supports such scenarios while at the same time promoting comfort and ease of movement.

Contact Capital Commercial Furniture today and get a quote on the board room tables. You can as well get more details regarding the material used to make the table, features etc. Many conference and board room tables nowadays have grommet openings or wire channels which enable you to run telephone, computer and electric wires under the table and through the top.

We Have a Large Board Room Table For Sale New Zealand.

The shape of the board room table you purchase depends on your preference, the size of the room as well as the intended purpose of the room. If you have a large office space, then a rectangular, oval or boat shaped table will do. As your business grows over the years, you'll need more conference/ board room space. In this case, it would be advisable to add sections of table. The B50 boardroom table range from Capital Commercial Furniture should be able to do the trick in this case. Multi-purpose tables give you the ability to arrange the tables in the best possible configuration. They consist of individual tables that can be arranged to form one large table. The bottom line is; an office with new furniture makes the work environment comfortable and receptive.

Commercial Furniture Christchurch At Affordable Prices!

Nathan Bullmore - Monday, July 08, 2013

commercial furniture ChristchurchRegardless whether you need commercial furniture Christchurch for education, hospitality, or office places, Capital Commercial Furniture is always ready to supply you with the highest quality pieces at an affordable price. Your business must speak about the services and products offered right from the first contact with a potential client. In case you own a shop, cafe, internet cafe or a beauty salon, it is essential to make the best choice in decorating and arranging premises. If you need office furniture or furniture for educational purposes, than it's just as important to make the right choice.

The furniture chosen should express professionalism, be appropriate, be practical and attract customers. Therefore, you should always seek furniture in stylish, modern colours and featuring in-trend designs. The furniture pieces commercialised by our company are manufactured by professionals, and should be chosen depending on the space available and your budget expectations. From office chairs to cafe tables, all our models are of extremely high quality, some of them being backed up by a full 10-year warranty.

It's also to be noted that the development of a commercial space must adhere to certain standards in order to convince customers that they have stepped into an exceptional place. Just as important is the office furniture's design, which has to follow the latest trend in terms of decor.

Looking for Commercial Furniture Christchurch click right here.

However, what truly matters here is commercial furniture's flexibility. Those interested can choose from a variety of colours, designs, sizes and materials, and our consultants can provide advice and relevant ideas. Mahon and natural shades of wood for classic shops or cafes are able to create a warm, while fresh green and grey, paired with red and glossy black or pristine white spaces are able to give life to your business.

It is important to note that the general image of a commercial space weighs heavily in the eyes of the beholder: the first contact customers have with your product is remembered for a lifetime! Due to this reason, it's important to choose top quality commercial furniture Christchurch.

Office Tables Christchurch and Where to Find Them

Nathan Bullmore - Monday, July 08, 2013

Office Tables ChristchurchCapital Commercial Furniture can help people in Christchurch out with finding all sorts of different kinds of office tables. The big question is to think about what features should be used in certain office tables Christchurch with choices ranging from functionality to size.

Many office tables are designed with folding legs. These can be folded inward towards the body of the table when not in use or they can be extended outward so the table can be used. Not all office tables will have folding legs but it's a great feature worth considering when finding tables of use.

Tables can also be designed in many shapes. The rectangular shape is a common option because it has a good size to take in more people with, thus making it ideal for any kind of board room. Some circular tables can also be used but it might help to see how the legs are designed so there is enough legroom for all the people who will use it.

Need Office Tables Christchurch view range here.

Some office tables Christchurch can also be designed to where several tables can be laid up against each other. For example, a customer could order two semi-circle tables and one rectangular table in the same style. These tables can be paired with each other as necessary or they can be moved around to where only one table is to be used at a time.

Finally, these tables can all be designed with many appearances. Refined oak is often used in many office tables but some white-painted options might also be of interest. These choices include many styles that fit in with all the desires that people might have when finding the best possible tables for an office to use.

Be sure to check with Capital Commercial Furniture when finding the best office tables Christchurch for any business purpose. The best office tables can be made with not only the right sizes but also the right features.

Filing Cabinet Auckland - Find the Perfect Storage for Your Needs

Nathan Bullmore - Friday, June 14, 2013

A filing cabinet is one of the most important things to have in your office whether at work or at home. Nothing else can get more frustrating than attempting to organize your paperwork and other files without a suitable place to store them. By implementing a filing system, you can save time and energy in organizing, locating and sorting out your important documents.

filing cabinet auckland nzInitially, you may assume that your old reliable desk drawers or bookshelves offer sufficient space for your documents and files. However, you can never be too sure about, since it is inevitable for more files to pile up each week. This situation is typical if you manage a business or a company where you need ample space to store receipts, employees' contracts and info sheets, and several other paperwork in the office.

If floor space is an issue in your office, then you may opt for a vertical file cabinet that takes up a minimal space in your room. You can find small file cabinets that can fit neatly under an office furniture, and their design blends perfectly into any office setting. Moreover, these cabinets are cost-effective and offer great value for your money.

Filing Cabinet Auckland - Great Quality Cabinets For Your Needs

When looking for the best filing cabinet, you should consider the durability and hard-wearing features of the furniture. Make sure the cabinet is made of high quality materials, so you can expect the long lifespan of the furniture. Furthermore, the cabinets should be available in a wide range of design, colour, style and size. This way, you can have more options in determining the most suitable filing cabinet style that you want.

Require a Filing Cabinet Auckland follow this link.

Fortunately, Capital Commercial Furniture offers an extensive selection of filing cabinets and other essential office furniture. By simply checking out the site, you can choose from different styles and types of cabinets that will match your preference and budget. With the superb quality, aesthetic appeal and reasonable price of these products, you can never go wrong in purchasing one for your business or personal needs.

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