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At all times CCFNZ will ensure that all product/products listed and/or shown on this site will have a manufacturer's warranty/warranties. Different products may/will be covered by different warranty time periods depending on the type of product and/or the manufacturing company/supplier. All upholstery may have a different warranty period, this will be noted on product. All white board warranties are on the board surface only, not frames and/or fittings and only apply when board surface is used with non permanent marker pens and cleaned as per manufacturer's specifications/requirements. A manufacturer's warranty covers against faulty parts and/or workmanship. A manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or incorrect use of a product/unfair wear and tear. A manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage to product that may be incurred during delivery transportation.


Returns & Refunds

Faulty goods will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of CCFNZ. Product that may be received damaged due to transport freight damage will be repaired or replaced subject to discussion and conclusion of point of damage. If recipient signs for product as received in good condition they have voided the opportunity to claim for any transport damage. All goods are despatched in good condition and carried “at limited carriers risk” (pursuant to the Cartage of Goods Act 1979). No claims will be accepted after two (2) days from the date of delivery. All claims must be made in writing and forwarded to admin@ccfnz.co.nz

All Glassboards are made/manufactured to order and are non returnable. Glassboards are sensitive freight. Ensure all glassboard deliveries are well checked before signing delivery companies dockets. If recipient signs for product as received in good condition they have voided the opportunity to claim for any transport damage.

Any refunds are at the discretion of CCFNZ and will only be made if CCFNZ is unable to either repair or replace faulty or damaged product that has been and is accepted by CCFNZ as a genuine and approved claim. These refunds will be made by direct credit into the verified bank account of the claimant and will be only for the value of the product claimed at the time of the purchase of that same product. No refunds will be made for any freight and/or any other costs, be they interest or legal or any other costs that may have been incurred by the claimant in the process of achieving their refund claim.

Products that have been quoted as "custom manufacture/Non-Stock item/special manufacture off shore of New Zealand" are confirmed as non-returnable. You accept at time of order placement that product manufactured as per your special product requirements and that as being, is outside the standard range of products as carried by CCFNZ, are non-returnable and no credits and or credit payments will be made by CCFNZ on these special manufactured and imported products.


Refund Policy

As a customer you are responsible for understanding the items you are purchasing from our site. We realise that exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to the product manufacture and supply where a refund may be required. You may contact us to request a refund. We will honour requests for refund for the following reasons.

  • - Non-delivery of the product.
  • - Delivery of incorrect product where replacement with correct items is not possible.
  • - Goods with manufacturing defect.
  • - Goods damaged in delivery.

While we will consider refunds for other reasons, refund requests for products free of defect or damage, correctly fulfilled to order and successfully delivered will rarely be considered.

Approved refund requests will be processed back to the purchaser's initial method of payment. If you have any queries regarding an order, payment or refund, please contact us.


Order Confirmation

You the customer accept that once you have placed an order and received an order confirmation, that order confirmation being either computer or manually generated, that the product on that confirmation cannot be reduced/altered and/or cancelled unless agreed by CCFNZ and payment of all monies/amounts as shown on the order confirmation is/are due as per payment terms below and must be paid within those payment terms and/or the payment terms as shown on the confirmation. If reductions/alterations and/or cancellations are made/accepted it is at the discretion of CCFNZ and you accept that if costs are incurred by CCFNZ as a result of the reductions/alterations and/or cancellations that those costs will be on charged by CCFNZ to you and payment is to be made immediately. All alteration and/or cancellation requests, if any, must be made in writing and forwarded to info@ccfnz.co.nz within 1 working day of the date of the order confirmation.


Non Standard Product Specifications

Products that have been quoted as non standard height and/or size are supplied on the understanding that you the purchaser accept that the measurements have been supplied by yourself and product will be specially manufactured to those non standard measurements as has been provided and stated in CCFNZ quotations. On order placement you accept that this product is being made as a special to suit your own requirements and therefore is non returnable. You accept full responsibility to check all measurements that have been provided and/or quoted are correct and accepted by you as being correct and you accept that CCFNZ cannot be held responsible for any incorrect specifications and/or sizes that you have provided and you accept that full payment will be made as requested and subject to CCFNZ's payment terms.


Cancellation of Orders

In stock product orders may be shipped within 24 hours you will need to contact us within 24 hours of placing your online order/phone order if you wish to cancel. Cancellation Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion. If your product has been dispatched and we accept your cancellation request all freight charges associated with the sale, also re-stocking charges will be charged by CCFNZ to you and payment is to be made immediately.

"Custom Manufacture/Non Stock items/Special manufacture off shore of New Zealand" are not returnable (please check your order) before placing your order with CCFNZ. Any product that has to be manufactured is non-returnable and cannot be cancelled, again please check your order before ordering

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