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What Is A Bar Table And Where Can You Use It?

A bar table is a highly versatile piece of furniture, and despite the name is not only useful to be used as a bar counter.

Let us have a look at what exactly bar tables are and how you can put them to good use for a whole range of applications in your office, school, restaurant and home.

What Is A Bar Table?

When referring to such a table, this is usually a slimmer table with a reasonably narrow counter top. The key defining factor, though, is the height. Traditionally, such a table would be 42 inches in height, matching the usual height of bar counters in pubs and restaurants. This dimension makes them perfect for standing or for being seated at high bar stools. 

Let us look at some of the versatile uses of these tables.

Where Space Is An Issue

These tables are great where space is limited. They are narrower than regular tables but can still accommodate either seated or standing persons around all four sides. They are perfect for office bars, dining tables in staff rooms and other places where there is insufficient space for a regular-sized table.

These tables are also perfect for plating, chopping, and other food preparation when you need extra space in your kitchen (restaurant or home).

For Temporary Desk Space

These versatile tables can be used as temporary desks for meetings and other gatherings. They take up very little space but can offer additional workspace to any office or classroom setting. They are also great for providing extra storage space for documents, books and equipment that are not used frequently.

Use Bar Tables As A Decor Item

They are the perfect size to use as a side table in a dining area for cutlery and crockery. Or add one to your reception area and decorate it with fresh flowers, pot plants or magazines to make an attractive display for your waiting visitors.

The Obvious Use

Bar tables make the perfect bar counters! Use them in your office, restaurant or home as your bar counter. Add some matching bar stools to create the perfect entertainment area for your business or home.

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