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Top Tips When Using Whiteboards For Sales Pitches

Using whiteboards for sales pitches is not new, but if done right, it can be a powerful ally in making your presentation more exciting and interactive. Most people assimilate information effectively when presented visually, so never underestimate the power of the visual part of your presentation on the whiteboard.

Read on for top tips to make the most of this effective tool when using whiteboards for a sales pitch. 

Check Your Pens Beforehand

Test your whiteboard pens before the time, making sure they are full of ink and can produce sharp, clean lines. It is frustrating for both presenter and attendees if dry markers produce faded text and graphics that no one can read.

Use Colour To Enhance Your Presentation

Have multiple colours of markers to use to enhance, highlight and emphasise essential parts of your presentation on the whiteboards for sales pitch presentations. For a more formal client meeting, you may use traditional colours like black, blue, red and green. But if your product or service is younger and fresher, you can consider colour choices from a wide range like pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown and more. Test your colours beforehand to ensure you can see them clearly, even from the back of the room.

Prepare A Rough Draft Of The Whiteboard’s Content For Sales Pitches

Preparation is key, so you can prepare a rough outline of the information you will share on whiteboards for a sales pitch meeting. This will also help you with the layout during the session so you don’t run out of space on the board due to bad planning.

Legible Handwriting

Legible handwriting is a vital element of a successful whiteboard supplement to your presentation. Practice your neatest version; avoid cursive and all caps. You don’t have to have the fanciest handwriting to use this tool; just make sure everyone can read it clearly.

Use Sticky Notes To “Pin” Ideas

If ideas come up during the presentation that you will return to later, have some sticky notes on hand to record them. Stick these down one side of the whiteboards you are using for sales pitch meetings to make sure you remember to address them later.

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