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Should My Child Use A Study Table?

We’ve all been there - studying. Long day, rainy day, sunny day, it’s always tough. Add a creaking back or legs that are slowly numbing and it is even more difficult. And that is why it is very important for children (and adults) to do homework, assignments, work and studies at a study table. The beanbag looks fun and ‘cool’ or the inviting couch but slouching in a heap is handicapping their ability to succeed.  Whether it’s individual or group work, a dedicated table makes studying, assignments, work and projects easier and faster with better quality outcomes.

Let’s look at the individual reasons to buy a study table in nz

Studying Accessibility

If your child (or you) does not have a neat, uncluttered table and space within which to work, as and when you need to, it will be hard to develop a routine and remain committed. Having to clear a space before settling down to study, paint your latest masterpiece or write the next chapter in your thesis runs the risk of never getting to the sit-down phase.

Studying daily is very important. Create the perfect study setup with an ergonomically designed chair so that shoulders, backs and hips don’t get sore. Keeping a good posture while studying assists alertness and circulation and avoids physical fatigue or pain in the joints. 

Choosing to study lying on a bed is a recipe for failure. Our brains like zones for activities and a bed is a visual signal for the sleep zone, never mind that lying down is the body’s preferred sleep position. It also stresses the shoulders, neck and elbows.

Writing Assistance

Writing in a book that is balanced on your knee or squished onto a side table next to the couch makes for untidy writing and physical discomfort. Writing while cross-legged in bed puts a huge strain on the spine, shoulders and neck and will bring on fatigue quickly. The study table enables students to write conveniently. 

Writing at a table assists with neatness and saves energy. In addition, all the stationary needed is easily available and pens aren’t leaking into the bed linen or couch fabric. 

Physical Comfort

We have touched on it already but it is important enough to reiterate. Bending forwards or sideways, hunching up shoulders or any other non-ergonomic position will tire out your body. As it is the body that is supporting the brain, by draining the body, you handicap your concentration.

Everything around studying should enhance and support the brain's ability to remain focused.


Having a study table will enhance your child’s chances of better academic results, help them develop a study routine and make studying a less tiring experience.

Choose an ideal study table for your child today!

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