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Growing Your Business With Laundry Lockers In Nz

Growing Your Business With Laundry Lockers In NZ

When social distancing arrived a couple of years ago, online stores globally started using lockers more extensively for dropoffs and collections including NZ businesses. This ‘forced’ use of contactless systems showed businesses and consumers that contactless deliveries and collections were cost-effective, convenient and fast. Laundry lockers are not, therefore, solely the domain of laundry services, but for any business that needs small, ventilated compartments in a traditional locker framework. 

The Laundry Locker Concept

Any locker system is designed with convenience and security in mind and laundry lockers are the same. The brick-and-mortar geolocation of a laundry, or a business using the laundry locker system, does not need to restrict its market reach and customers don’t need to travel huge distances to a superior laundry (or other) service that they value.  

The locker has multiple smaller compartments, all with independent locks, and ventilation so even foodstuffs delivered won’t sweat in the compartments.

Setting Up A Locker Service

The basic steps involved are:

  • A business purchases laundry lockers with locking mechanisms that can be remotely managed.
  • The laundry lockers are installed in secure locations and bolted to the building structure in the secure location e.g. a mall or store.
  • The consumer orders a service or product online or books a return of an item (or wants to submit a bag of laundry)
  • The consumer picks their nearest “laundry locker” location and is allocated a locker number.
  • If the flow is for the delivery of a product to the consumer then:
  • If the flow is for returned goods or the handing in of laundry:
  • In the case of laundry, Step e) is then followed and an alert is sent to the client.

For 9-5 workers, being able to do hand-ins and pick-ups after-hours is a big value-add. In addition, office blocks are using laundry lockers in a discrete area in their entrance foyers to limit the number of delivery people standing around in the entrance foyer delivering food, parcels, et al. It improves security and neatens up the space. The delivery for the staff member is placed in the locker and the staff member is alerted that their delivery is completed to ‘x’ locker number.

Other Uses For Laundry Lockers

Laundry lockers can also be an additional income stream for entrepreneurs. Supplying temporary storage space at events, like music festivals, fitness clubs, family playgrounds, rollerskating or skateboarding parks, beaches, etc is an excellent passive income opportunity. The only effort from you is the initial setup and an integrated app.
The upfront capital requirements are minimal.

Get your versatile laundry lockers today and grow your market share!

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