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Office Chairs

The office chair is often the unsung hero of any workspace. Office chairs in NZ support long hours of work, ensure comfort, and contribute significantly to the productivity of an individual. At Capital Commercial Furniture, we are proud to present a range of office chairs NZ businesses can rely on. For those prioritising posture and health, don’t miss out on exploring the best ergonomic office chairs in NZ.

Besides chairs, an office's efficiency is significantly influenced by other furnishings. Complete your workspace by browsing through our office desks or discover the versatility of our range of folding chairs.

For businesses based in Auckland, our collection of office furniture in Auckland ensures you're equipped with furniture pieces that are both stylish and functional. And if you're elsewhere in the country, our comprehensive office furniture in NZ range has something for everyone. Shop our range and buy office chairs in NZ today!

Factors To Look For in an Office Chair

At Capital Commercial Furniture, we offer computer chairs of varying prices, types, and features. We make sure to have an office chair that works with each user’s needs.

In looking for the best computer chair, one of the most crucial considerations is the price. Rest assured that we have affordable chairs that fit most budgets.

Besides price, other factors to look for in computer chairs include:

  • Comfortable seat wide enough even for larger people
  • Armrests contoured to the upper and elbow arm
  • Durable fabric that will not cause friction and hurt the skin
  • Lumbar support that helps maintain the lower back’s curve

Check out Capital Commercial Furniture for desk chairs with all the qualities you’re looking for.

Office Chairs Available

Below are the different types of computer chairs available at Capital Commercial Furniture.

Budget-friendly Office Chair Range

Capital Commercial Furniture has a few options available if it’s a budget-friendly office chair you need. There are different low-priced desk chairs in this category, such as mid-back, high-back, fabric, and mesh office chairs. Office stools are also available.

Ergonomic Chairs NZ

Ergonomic chairs are best if you work long hours in front of a desk. Choose this type of computer chair to prevent back pain and keep your posture straight. Many of the features and functions of an ergonomic chair are adjustable, providing a custom fit that suits your preferences.

Heavy Duty Office Chairs NZ

These office chairs are designed for heavy use. If you are more of a larger size, a heavy-duty chair will suit you well, thanks to the chair’s overall reinforced mechanisms and larger frame.

High Office Chairs NZ

High office chairs, or drafting chairs, are a little different from your common office chairs. They may or may not have a handrest and feature a circular footrest. Just like ergonomic office chairs, they have adjustable height and slant, making them ideal if you have a taller desk.

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are some of the most popular types of computer chairs today. They are ergonomic and comfortable, with a frame designed for lumbar, posture, spinal, and neck support. Its comfort comes from the perforated surface of the mesh since it offers superior breathability.

Executive Office Chairs

Executive office chairs come with a high-back design and are available in both leather and mesh materials. They also have other features like the swivel and tilt functions, all for luxurious comfort. Overall, executive office chairs are fit for managers and C-level executives alike.

Purchase Your Office Chair at Capital Commercial Furniture

Are you looking for the best office chair to complete your home office setup? Choose one from our available chairs today. Or, contact us to know more about our computer chairs. We have just added Plastic Office Chairs & Office Chairs Mats to our website.

Browse Our Office Chairs in NZ Today!

Office chairs play an instrumental role in shaping the overall work experience. Ensuring comfort, promoting health, and enhancing productivity, they're indispensable. Trust Capital Commercial Furniture to bring you a range that does justice to all these facets. 

Ready tobuy office chairs in NZ? Dive into our collection and find a chair that's just right for you. Shop our office chairs in NZ now!

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