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Choosing The Right Whiteboard In NZ

Whiteboards are not only for classroom use. As practical tools you can use in conveying messages, ideas, and information, they are also useful for home and business use. Most people in the business world prefer whiteboards for their ease in note-taking. After all, you can wipe the surface and write on a whiteboard again and again.

You might not be aware, but there are different types of whiteboards available. At Capital Commercial Furniture, we have six different categories of whiteboards in NZ that suit your unique needs. Knowing the differences between these whiteboards can help you pick the right marker board for you.

White Boards NZ

These are the whiteboards typically seen in classrooms and offices. They are a white, wipeable board that allows you to write notes and display them for everyone to see. We have two main types of whiteboards made of different materials available at our online store. Choose from porcelain whiteboards and acrylic whiteboards for writing down ideas and note taking.

Mobile Whiteboards

Capital Commercial Furniture offers mobile whiteboards to those who often move around. Whiteboards are an essential tool in various settings, and in itself, already a versatile display. Mobile whiteboards take this versatility up to a notch. With it, you can write down information and erase it over and over again, anywhere you are.

We have two types of mobile whiteboards available:

  • Magnetic mobile whiteboard
  • Acrylic mobile whiteboard

Whiteboard Planning

Whiteboard planning is made easy with the variety of whiteboard planners we offer at Capital Commercial Furniture. Make plans with our whiteboards throughout the different stages of your project, using planners of all kinds. At our shop, your whiteboard planning options include marketing year planners, staff indicator board names, and year planners.

Map Whiteboard Grid

Capital Commercial Furniture also grid whiteboards. These are special whiteboards that can boost your creativity and precision. It keeps you more organised when presenting ideas and information, thanks to the grids. We have custom grid whiteboards and custom map whiteboards available at our shop.

Whiteboard Cabinets

Our whiteboard cabinets are the best whiteboards when you want versatility and privacy. They allow you to brainstorm and gather information while promising confidentiality. With the whiteboard cabinets, simply open the cabinet doors and write down your thoughts on a marker board that does not scratch, ghost or stain.

Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are our most versatile writing board with a clean look and superior surface. They are an excellent tool for schools, offices, clubs, and other settings, and glass boards offer increased durability. At Capital Commercial Furniture, we offer only superior glass whiteboards that last you for years.

Get Your Whiteboards at Capital Commercial Furniture Today

Whether you are looking for a small or a large whiteboard, porcelain, glass or acrylic, grid or map whiteboards, we have them here at Capital Commercial Furniture. Contact us today to know if we have the correct type of whiteboard that suits you.

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