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Boardroom Tables and Chairs

Meetings can be one of the most stressful aspects any business owner or executive has to face. Oftentimes the boardroom itself contributes to the problem, especially when it doesn’t have the appropriate equipment needed for a successful discussion.

But when you invest in top-quality furniture such as boardroom tables and chairs while combining that with the right technology, you can have the ideal space for all your meetings and presentations.

Boardroom Tables and Chairs
At Capital Commercial Furniture, we specialise in providing companies with the commercial boardroom furniture they need in New Zealand. Whether you just need a small round table with a few chairs or an oval boardroom table with ample seating, we are the provider you need.

Browse our selection of durable boardroom furniture in NZ today.

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Why Invest In Quality Boardroom Furniture?

You Get to Showcase Your Company to Visitors

Potential clients or new customers often get a good first impression of a company right from the reception area. Once they are past that space, the boardroom can give you another opportunity to show them what your organisation is all about.

When you have a boardroom location that is welcoming and one that has the appropriate boardroom tables and chairs, you can have an area that represents your business and what it can do. This is especially true when you pair high-quality boardroom furniture with advanced conferencing technology to impress and win clients or partners over to your company.

Your Meetings Will Run More Smoothly

When you have boardroom tables and chairs that creak or break during meetings, this can easily become a distraction. Investing in high-quality and durable furniture will prevent these mishaps from occurring so you can focus on running productive meetings.

What to Look for In Boardroom Furniture


There are different types of boardroom tables and chairs you can invest in. For tables, the most common designs are circular, square, and rectangular. Meanwhile, boardroom chairs are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, and some of them have arms.

Whichever ones you choose, make sure the design of your furniture matches the boardroom itself as well as the rest of your office space to ensure cohesion.


If meetings run long, the boardroom chairs can quickly become uncomfortable. Clients may leave unsatisfied, and workers may become distracted by this discomfort. This is why the chairs you buy should value ergonomics for the sake of everyone’s back health.

Get Your Boardroom Tables and Chairs From Us

When you need the best boardroom furniture in NZ, Capital Commercial Furniture has what you’re looking for. We offer long-lasting boardroom tables and chairs in New Zealand for businesses, companies, and organisations that want to ensure their meeting spaces can bring out the best in them.

We specialise in knowing and understanding what our customers want and providing the right boardroom furniture that matches their preferences.

Want to learn more about our products? Start browsing our selection of commercial conference tables and chairs today!

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