Whiteboard Auckland 4 Things You Need To Know

- Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Whiteboard Auckland 4 Things You Need To Know When it comes to buying the best whiteboard Auckland, there are no two or three ways about it. You have to insist on good value for money but at the same time stick to quality. So, how do you strike a balance between these two aspects? Here are some essential tips to get you started. Whiteboard Auckland - 4 Things You Need To Know 1.Material Whiteboards are primarily made out of two materials i.e porcelain steel and acrylic. Acrylic boards are best used for light purposes and are thus recommended for meeting rooms and offices. Their high-cost counterparts, porcelain steel whiteboards, are intended for moderate to long-term usage. 2.Fixed Whiteboards Before you invest in a unit it's important to first assess the availability of mounting (and storage space). On that note, there are two predominant mounting models: *Wall mounted whiteboards *Fixed whitebo ... [ MORE ]

Whiteboards NZ: What Makes Them So Great?

- Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Whiteboards NZ: What Makes Them So Great? Whiteboards have transformed how we teach and we learn. Since their inception, they have become commonplace in universities, schools, and offices. Many organizations have embraced them as a replacement to chalkboards in presentations and office meetings. The dimensions of whiteboards make them a focal point in a room so it is important to ensure you get the best quality. Whiteboards can modernize your classroom or workspace and add aesthetic appeal. They are very versatile and can fit in any environment. They are commonly referred to as marker boards, dry-wipe boards, or dry-erase boards. Here are some major benefits of using whiteboards NZ. Available in Different Types and Sizes Whiteboards can be made in acrylic or porcelain. They also come in different sizes and can be custom-made according to your specific tastes and preferences. They are affordable and easy to use and  ... [ MORE ]

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