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Customer Buys Architectural Chair - Very Satisfied

Architectural Chair NZ
Dear Capital Commercial Furniture,

I have to thank you for my recent purchase of your high-lift chair. I work from my computer, at home, in connection with the animation industry. And I have already found the architectural chair an asset in this work. More so, however, and the reason for my contacting you, now: is my associated reason for buying an architectural chair.

Some time ago, I was inflicted with osteoarthritis of the hip. And, over time, I found that normal seating heights aggravated this condition. Finally, it got to the point where I could no longer sit in an average sized chair, without hours of pain afterwards: because of the osteoarthritis in my hip. This condition is noted in arthritis advertisements which liken the condition to broken glass grating between the joints. I can laugh about it, now, but the comparison is not dissimilar.

Well, I had elevated my seating at home, to accommodate this situation, and was making-do with my own alterations. Then I noticed that medical centres and hospitals did acknowledge the condition with a higher than average chair in certain waiting rooms. (Therefore, the number of people afflicted may be a small but noticeable proportion, and not as rare as I thought.)

You Can view our Architectural Chair Range Here.

I contacted Arthritis New Zealand and inquired about such chairs, on the market. But I was disappointed in their reply, as it seemed that there was nothing comparable available – unless I had a manufacturer produce a chair of my own design. This seems to be what the medical profession has done. Instead, I put my search engines to use and eventually found architectural chairs. Of which, your Evo chair was easily the most preferred option.

After only two days use, I cannot praise the results enough. As far as I am concerned, architectural chairs are the answer to any seating difficulties for arthritis sufferers. I have contacted Arthritis New Zealand, and told them of this discovery, and have mentioned Capital Commercial Furniture, and yourself, in glowing terms. Arthritis New Zealand has an E-store on their website, which offers relevant products, for arthritis sufferers, through various suppliers. And it is my hope that architectural chairs will also be among those other advertised products.

As I have indicated, my condition is totally neutralized by employing the Evo chair. Standing up from a chair no longer results in painful jolts. And the comfortable seat is adjustable for any person’s needs, without the need for producing individual chairs. Not to mention the reasonable cost, and short time involved, in procuring your own product. This is an outstanding improvement. Personally, I thank you. And I hope that this resource may be more well known to others in the same position as myself. If your own company can fulfil this possible need, then I will be pleased to have been involved.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Taylor.

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