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Comfort and Style in High Office Chairs

Why a High Office Chair is Best for Office Workers.

Over the past decade, we have seen a dramatic change in office furniture shifting from standard to a more ergonomic design, yet the science of ergonomics started in the mid-1940s. As we learn more about the body and the effects that sitting for prolonged periods has on us, we are becoming smarter with our office chairs.

Are you ready to upgrade your desk chair, but have no idea where to start? Let's talk about the possibility of a high office chair and what it could mean for your body and productivity.

Is It Time To Switch To A High Office Chair?

The human body was not designed to sit for the length of a work shift in one position. However, when the body is giving off pain signals, it is telling us something is not right and that we need to correct it.

If you are having any (or all) of these symptoms throughout your workday, perhaps it is time to look into purchasing a desk chair that would better suit your body, posture, and health:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Decreased productivity
  • The need to take more breaks

Your high lift chair will take time to order and get delivered. So, until then, take a few breaks throughout the day and do some stretching to increase blood flow and increase productivity.                   

Ergonomics Explained

We all have heard the term "ergonomic" when referring to office furniture and terminology, right? But, do we fully understand what ergonomics is, or are we doing it just because it is trending?

The idea behind ergonomics is to improve the quality of life for those that sit at a desk for most of their workday. It is the scientific study of the efficiency of the workplace.

The efficiency of the workplace? How does that translate to office furniture, desk height, and body posture?

When our chairs are too low, too laid back, and desks are at the wrong height in proportion to our bodies, we are put into positions that are unhealthy and unnatural for our body mechanics.

Yet, when our chairs and desks are at the proper height and angles, we won't have to strain our muscles to sit comfortably. Ergonomically correct office practices may mean using props for our wrists and feet, in addition to changing our chairs and desks.

According To The Professionals

Ask any chiropractor, massage therapist, or doctor about the effects sitting for long periods has on the body, and they will give you a long list of issues.

  • Lower back pain
  • Tight hip muscles
  • Weight gain
  • Poor posture

Direct results from poor sitting conditions are quite obvious, though they may take some time to show up. However, the side effect of the side effects can be somewhat of a mystery.

That may sound confusing, so here is an example. The chronic pain cycle is when we are in pain, then we have a decrease in activity because of it, followed by anger or negative emotions, and inability to perform certain functions.

This will happen again and again until we correct the issue and break the pain cycle. If this pain is caused by improper posture because of our desk chair at work we will have negative emotions tied to our workplace.

Considering The Skeletal System

Flat hard desk chairs we not designed with the body's skeletal structure's best interest at heart. Our spine, specifically, has a natural curvature to it that requires certain accommodations, such as a swayback for support.

Many of us are not consciously thinking of our posture throughout the day because we are focused on the tasks at hand. So, we need properly designed desk chairs that give us support in the right places to accommodate the structure of our body that puts us into a healthy posture.

Your Body vs Your Chair

Office furniture is designed to accommodate many different body types and people of different sizes. Yet, it is not one size fits all.

You may need to shop for a specific style of a desk chair to suit your body type so that you are in the best posture form and are the most comfortable.

Taller bodies or longer legs might need higher chairs such as an architect chair or drafting chair. Whereas a fuller figured body might be most comfortable with a different style seat

How Long Do You Sit?

When we work at a desk whether it be at an office or home the length of time we spend in our desk chair might dictate the style of chair that we are most comfortable with.

If we are often getting up from our desk multiple times per day we might choose a chair with no back so that it is easier to get up and down. If we mainly stay seated throughout the day we probably would be most comfortable with a chair that has a backrest and armrests.

The amount of cushion on your chair will make a difference, as well. This will be a balance of your body type, posture, and personal preference in addition to how long you spend in your chair. 

The Best Types of Ergonomic Chairs

The best types of chairs will be supportive and allow the body to be in the proper posture, while still allowing us to get our work done efficiently. No matter what your preferred chair style is, your feet should not hang but be resting flat to reduce the stress on your back.

Looking at a higher desk chair style like a teller chair lends itself to a more productive employee simply because it gives them a better view of the room around them and opens their mind up whereas a lower stance chair might feel frumpy and lower production.

Give the employees the option to choose a chair without a back, with a back, and show them the back height options that they can pick from depending on personal preference and body style.

Adjustable desk chairs are a great option because a fixed height chair means they can not adjust it if they need to be more or less close to their work that day.  

The Right Seat Material

How does seat material come into play when purchasing a new desk chair?

Seat material might be chosen to match the style of the office such as a softer material that goes with a more relaxed environment. Whereas a leather material chair might be more suitable for a contemporary style setting.

You could also be choosing chair material based on the durability factor. Choosing a more durable material will mean that your desk chairs stay looking nicer longer and mean you will have to replace them less often.

Purchasing For Your Employees

So, if a tall office chair means increased productivity, that would mean that upgrading your employee's chairs could boost your office's overall performance.

Upgrade the entire office staff's chairs at once so that everyone has a matching more ergonomic chair and see how your office morale and productivity are boosted.

More Work, Less Sick Leave

Since we are on the subject of staff members, let's talk about some other ways that simply changing their chair can benefit them (and the company.) 

New chairs mean better posture and better health for those sitting in them. Better health means less time off due to illness caused by sitting improperly.

In addition to less sick leave, you can expect fewer workers comp claims for back problems, etc. Switching to new chairs is the game-changer that no one expected it to be.

All Together Now

Purchasing new high office chairs is a great way to increase the health and wellbeing of your employees. Give them an extra boost by encouraging office-wide wellness practices, such as group stretching and breathing exercises throughout the day.

Start with an invigorating breathing exercise at the beginning of the workday. take a mid-day break to stretch out the legs, bend at the waist and shake out the wrists and shoulders.

Finish the day by encouraging everyone to do one final stretch and release any tension that they might have built up throughout their workday before heading out of the office.

If everyone can't gather together to do these activities, send out reminders throughout the day to encourage employees to take care of themselves while they are working. This is in everyone's best interest.

A new chair might make a huge difference in productivity, but the employees that are sitting in it also need to feel as if they are appreciated and thought of, too.

Changing Chairs Means Changing Lives 

A high office chair gives us an ergonomically correct posture so that we can be more efficient and more comfortable for the duration of our workday. Our health and the health of our employees rest on the backrest and armrests of new desk chairs.

Learn more about the style options and get a better idea of what could suit the vision you have for the future of your new chair at Capital Commercial Furniture Factory Direct.                                                         

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