In my role as Secretary for the Artworks Theatre Society I came upon the Capital Commercial Furniture NZ website while searching for ideas for new seating to replace the 120 green plastic BBQ chairs we had for our audiences. The CCFNZ website was well designed and made searching a breeze. I was impressed with their variety of products and made an enquiry about several possibilities. (There were other companies we had made enquiries of, as well.) Very shortly after that, I received an email with a link to a comprehensive quote for each of the products I’d asked about. Committees being committees, I forwarded the link to everyone so they could have a look for themselves. Throughout the long, drawn-out process of reaching a concensus within the Committee – this was the culminating project of an 18-month, $40,000 upgrade process and we were very picky about how we would spend our hard-raised funds! – I received several emails from Nathan, just touching base, seeing how the decision-making was going and whether there was anything else we needed from CCFNZ. The decision was finally made to go with the Seeger seats and, even though there were a few issues that cropped up as the seats arrived, Nathan was always immediately responsive, courteous and helpful – and we are SO very pleased with our new seating. People coming into the Theatre stand with dropped jaws, in awe of the huge difference the new seats make to our ambience – and when they’ve taken their seats, they’re pleased with the comfort, too! I thoroughly recommend CCFNZ for their great website, their excellent products and, above all, their superior customer service. Thank you, Nathan! Read more