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Electric Desk Auckland Buy From CCFNZ

Electric Desk Auckland

Electric Desk Auckland Buy From CCFNZ. It is very hard to accommodate a versatile workforce with the traditional, one size fits all’ desk today. Electric desks give you an opportunity to choose a working station that is ideal for everybody. They help reduce the usual discomfort caused by desks that do not fit due to monitors/keyboards that are too low or too high for the user or insufficient leg space.

Electric desks are also excellent in hot desking work environments, where many employees use the same workstation on different days and need individual height settings often. Most electrics desks are height adjustable and can be adjusted easily from sit to stand using an energy efficient motor. Also, reliable electric desks come with a standby mode which will reduce your electricity bill significantly and are built and designed with very high standards and specifications which makes them very reliable an robust.

What to look for when selecting an electric desk

When looking for the ideal electric desk for your needs, there are some important aspects that you should you consider. Having a desk that can easily be adjusted from a standing to sitting position will open your business to new possibilities, some that you may have never thought of. Also, you want to ensure that the desk will fit you or your employees properly and will comfortably support all the items on the desk. Here are some factors that you should consider before you buy any electric desk:


Not all products are the same. And as the old adage goes, you get exactly what you pay for. That also applies to electric desks. If you go for a cheap one from a less reliable dealer, you will also likely get less stable desk with a shorter warranty. Similarly if you go for more reliable dealer regardless of the price you also likely get a stable and a reliable desk.

The Adjustment Range

Going for a desk that fits you or your employees appropriately, is very important to ensure you don’t develop unhealthy and unproductive habits. So find a desk that allows you to type when your arms are resting comfortably at your side. In addition, your hands should be below the elbow height.

Collision Avoidance

Most reliable electric desks today are very strong and can easily crush anything in your office. Electric desks designed with smart control systems come with collision avoidance features.

Overload Protection

Not overloading your desk means protecting your invaluable desk. Though it is not easy to overload the desk, some other power users can easily overload it. Fortunately most high end models come with an overload protection feature. So if you want to protect your product, find one that has an overload protection feature.


The standard warranty period for electronics is 3 years minimum. Low quality models only offer one to two year warranties. Going for a desk with at least a 5-year warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that it is covered and should anything malfunction it will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

Lifting Capacity

Your desk should be able to lift the items on the desk easily. Be careful not to go for models that list wrong weight capacities and have unstable motors. When the weight increases on these models, the adjustment speed will also drop off considerably.

Adjustment speed

Go for a model that fits your specific speed needs. Quality brands usually have speeds between 1.3 to 1.6 inches per second. Avoid desks that have lower speeds as most of them are low quality products.

Benefits of Using Electric Sit to Stand Desks

Easy to use

The main outstanding advantage of using electric desks is the flawlessness of the lifting mechanism and the speed of the motor. Actually the motors are not only designed to work silently, but they are also very easy to use and can be adjusted quite easily. Also, there are some brands that can be programmed with a memory of the recently used heights which is excellent if you want to adjust it quickly to your preferences.

Create viable workstations

By just a touch of a button, electric desks allow you to quickly and comfortably adjust to the job at hand. For example, if a client or a colleague comes to your workstation, you can easily adjust the desk to the right working level and interact in comfort.


Durability is the trademark of almost all electric desks offered by reliable dealers. They are carefully designed using quality materials which considerably contribute to their functionality and longevity. They also come with extensive warranties, allowing users to purchase electric desks confident that they will serve them for many years. So if you are looking for a cutting edge product that will not only provide important health benefits but also improve your concentration and output as your work, an electric desk is your best bet.

Prevents injuries

Designing your workstation to your own needs considerably reduces the main causes of work related stress. Being able to adjust the desk easily and alternating between standing and sitting reduces these problems further by preventing problems caused by static positions or posture.

Enhances productivity

According to recent studies, when you get out of your chair and move around for at least 5 minutes every hour, you increase your productivity by over 30 percent. Unfortunately many people do not have the flexibility or the time to move around every hour. But using a sit and stand electric desk allows you or your employees to take a break at any time you want without necessarily leaving your workstation.

Why Go Electric with Capital Commercial Furniture?

Stay ahead of your competition and innovate your office with our high quality electric desks in Auckland. A rewarding investment that even your employees will be glad you made. We are experts who breathe and live electric desks every day and you can never go wrong with us. In addition all our competitively priced desks are made here in New Zealand from stellar quality materials according to the required standards. Talk to us today and you will benefit from an extensive warranty, honest advice and quality products. Try us today and you will be glad you did!

Electric Desk Auckland NZ

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